Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Selling on DealDey Free?
How do I change my bank details?
What is a business permalink?
Can I change my business name?
Can I have multiple seller accounts?
Does my location serve as my default shipping location for my deals?
Who can see my store ratings and feedback?


How long does it take a deal to go live?
What is a queried deal?
What do I do if my deal has been queried?
What do I do if my deal is rejected?
How do I know my deal has been approved?
How do I Re-publish a deal (Clone a Deal)?
What is Expiration date?
What is a Coupon code?
How long can my deal stay on the platform?
How do I take my deal off the website?


Do I pay the courier at point of delivery?
When should I mark an item as delivered?
How do I track my waybill number?
How can I get my customers information?
Would I be refunded for the shipping fee paid at courier location?


What is a merchant wallet?
How long before my wallet is credited?
Why does it take 7 working days for payments to be verified?
How long till I get paid to my bank account?

Cancellation/Returns Guide

Would my items be cancelled if I do not deliver on time?
How long does it take for an item to be cancelled?
Am I notified before my items are cancelled?
What happens if my item is delayed due to the courier company?
What if my item in-transit is cancelled?
If a customer is responsible for a return, would the shipping fee be returned to me?
If an item is delivered to a customer and has been cancelled, would I be paid?
Who handles the returns of items?